Piero Pizzi Cannella


Piero Pizzi Cannella

Rocca di papa (Roma) 1955

Piero Pizzi Cannella was born in Rocca di Papa on November 20, 1955.
In Rome, about halfway through the seventies, he went regularly to lessons in painting held by Alberto Ziveri at the Rome academy of art, though without completing the course. 
He also enrolled in the philosophy department of the La Sapienza University. 
His first solo show was held in 1977 at the La Stanza gallery, a space run by a group of artists including Bruno Ceccobelli, Giuseppe Gallo, Stefano Di Stasio and Pizzi Cannella, and in which he exhibited a conceptually inspired installation in 1978. 
In March 1980 he participated in his first group show in the La Tartaruga gallery, a show that represented his only attempt at “Citazionismo anacronista”, a movement that quoted knowingly from the art of the past. 
After retiring from the art scene for some four years, in 1984, together with Ceccobelli and Tirelli, he moved into a studio in the abandoned Cerere pasta factory in Via degli Ausoni, Rome, a place where Dessì, Gallo, and Nunzio already worked, all exponents of what was to become known as the Nuova Scuola Romana, the New Roman School.
In the same year he carne into contact with the dealer Fabio Sargentini who held in his Attico gallery Pizzi Cannella's solo show “Interni e figure” in which were seen figurative works painted over the previous two years. 

Cannella’s work has been exhibited extensively in international solo shows including exhibitions in: New York (Annina Nosei Gallery), Berlin (Folker Skulima Galerie), Basilea (Triebold Gallery), Milan (Cannaviello Gallery), Paris (Vidal-Saint Phalle and Di Meo Gallery), Florence and Siena (Alessandro Bagnai Gallery), Bologna (Otto Gallery), Terni (Ronchini Gallery), Rome (Volume Gallery), Verona (Lo Scudo Gallery).
His work has also been exhibited in many public institutions including: War Diaries at the Civic Museum of Gibellina, Pizzi Cannella at Santa Maria della Scala in Siena, 
Cards: 1980-2001 at the Archeological Museum of Aosta, Polyptychs at the Colonna Castle International Center of Contemporary Art of Genazzano, The Maps of the World at the India Theater of Rome, Pizzi Cannella, at the Hotel des Arts in Tolone, and Cathedral at the Macro in Rome. His work, Cathedral, is also on permanent display in San Giorgio in Poggiale (Bologna).


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